Middopoly – A Free Monopoly Game You Can Play Online

If you have plenty of friends and are looking to play Monopoly together you should have the appropriate materials. However, not all people have the Monopoly materials that are needed. Fortunately, there is a great option that you can use online with Middopoly. Middopoly is a free version of Monopoly that you can play online with your friends. However, support for multiple computers at once or computer players is not available.

Middopoly has the same rules that are used in a standard game of Monopoly. This includes buying properties, charging rent, buying houses and hotels and other features. Some of the spaces have been changed though. For instance, there’s a Hospital instead of Jail and there’s Student Parking instead of Free Parking. The values of each property, as well as the values for Chance and Community Chest cards, are the same as that of a standard game of Monopoly, thus making this a real accurate simulation of a standard Monopoly game.

The game is a Java application. A window will pop up and it will ask you to enter the number of players who will be playing. After this the player will need to enter names and choose tokens. The computer will then automatically determine the order that the players will go in.

All sorts of buttons will appear on the game application. These include buttons that let you roll the dice, propose trades, mortgage properties and buy and sell any houses and hotels. Also, the details on assets that all players have will be easily noted in the program.

In order to play the game you will need the right browser. New versions of Firefox, Flock or Internet Explorer are the best options to use. Netscape can be used as well but support for that browser is limited. Also, the browser should be compatible with Java 1.1.5 or better.

It should also be noted that while it is great for online Monopoly you cannot play against computer opponents or players from outside the home. Therefore, if you have a good sized group then this will be a perfect option for you to use. For playing online Monopoly with those outside the home you will need another type of program to use.

Middopoly is a great online Monopoly game to play. It features all sorts of great parts that allow it to be easily played on most computers. It works just like a standard Monopoly game as well.