World of Warcraft Tips

World of Warcraft is meant to be a challenging game. However, it is not meant to be impossible to play. With the right World of Warcraft tips, you will be leveling and finishing your quests easily! Here are some World of Warcraft tips to help you out:

1) Get big bags and pick up every item – What most people do in the game is they get picky when picking up monster drops. Some gamers tend only to collect valuable items and gold. However, you have to realize that gold in World of Warcraft can be pretty hard to collect.

This is the reason why you need to make sure that you pick up each item drop you encounter. This World of Warcraft tip may seem bothersome, but it will actually help you in the long run. This is because even if an item is worth only one gold piece, it’s still worth something. Think of the fact that one hundred gold cannot be completed with only 99 pieces.

Every time you kill a monster, collect your loot because you earned it and because you will need it eventually.

2) Make plenty of friends early – The World of Warcraft cannot be conquered by a lone warrior. All players have to seek help, sooner or later.

As you may know, convincing someone to help you out in a quest cannot happen in an instant. You need to build a strong connection before you ask for any favors. After all, World of Warcraft is a very competitive game. You need to start making connections while you are still a low-level character so that when the time comes that you need help in questing, you will be able to find willing people without trouble.

Plus, if you start looking early on, you should be able to avoid the effort of messaging across the game, looking for people who will join you in your quest when you really need them.

3) Get a guide – A lot of people underestimate the knowledge that others can give them. You are not the first to play the game, so why not tap the great resource of knowledge of the people before you?

You need to get a game guide of some sort in order to help you make sure that you will not be making any crucial mistakes. Of course, World of Warcraft is designed to be experienced by a person in his or her own unique way, so it stands to reason that there would be a lot of different types of guides.

There are quest guides, leveling guides, gold guides, and all sorts of other materials to help you with your game. Remember, however, that each character is unique and no guide can truly and accurately define your character. So be prepared to do some improvisation.

4) Find a great add-on – One of the greatest things about World of Warcraft is the fact that one can fully customize the user interface. With just some basic programming skills, you should be able to design some add-ons which will help you in the game.

However, if you want convenience, you can check out and download the different add-ons available on the Internet. A quick Google search will turn up dozens of sites offering add-ons.

What To Cheat In PotBS?

If there is a straight way to max out a character rank, then there is a way around. This is one sentence that hold true to every game. Every player strives to get everything they want, some succeed and some fail, while some decided to ascend above the rest.

These players enjoy all kinds of advantages they get from exploiting and cheating, they climb ranks faster, make gold doubloons easier and win most PvP encounters. How do they do this? They just dropped by at the right place on the Internet and learn. Where is the place? Let’s find out.

These are just a short examples of what Strategy Freaks members have learned and discussed. After boarding combat against NPC, you will always find yourself losing a lot of crew. There is a tricky way to solve that, by using right combination of running pattern and some specific skills. You will be able to pull ship captain away from the rest of the crew and kill him without sustaining too much losses.

Now, that was one example of using a skill glitch for your advantage, let’s take a look at something more fancy. If you are tired of long distance cruising, there is a program that Strategy Freaks members had been using for very long time. This program can record your ship movement and repeat the long distance cruising for you. Visit this link for more:

It is not over yet, there are more game-breaking discussions going on right now. You can take part in these discussions too. Just imagine all the benefit you can have from them. The economy size in Pirates of the Burning Sea grows rapidly. It is better to start exploiting from it early and gain initiative advantage while servers are still young.

The Sims Online Free Trial Becomes Permanent Free Play

The free trial of the Sims Online game is currently undergoing a revision. Very soon, according to EA, the free trial will become permanent free play. Great news for those of us who can’t afford the $9.99 a month for full play, but what has brought about this change?

Well, put simply, EA stuffed up. The Sims Online was released to the public four years ago, and has earned itself a relatively small user-base. The immensely popular game Second Life was released at the same time, and has gone from strength to strength. Now, Second Life is a very good game and plays to different strengths to the Sims Online, but the Sims comes from a franchise that boasts the two highest selling games of all time. It shouldn’t have been too hard for EA to come up with a game, then, that at least landed in the top 10% of online games. And initially, they did.

At the beginning of January 2003, the Sims Online claimed over 100,000 active subscriptions, making it top of the list for online games. Sales soared, and EA projected 40,000 subscribers by the end of the year. And then they gave up. Luc Barthelet, the Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts, seemingly turned his back on the game, and bugs and instabilities were left unresolved. Cheats sprang up which allowed players to get large amounts of Simoleons (the Sims Online currency), effectively destroying the in-game economy and rendering many of the objectives of the game (such as employment) useless. Before the cheats came out Simoleons could be sold on eBay for real money, which is one of the attractions to many new players, who want to believe that their actions within the game have some sort of effect in the real world.

So Second Life grew, and the Sims Online – an online version of the most popular games of all time – sank into obscurity. A few faithful users stuck with it, but most players left it well alone, instead finding newer games with more interesting and innovative features. That, however, is about to change. Luc Barthelet announced in March 2007 that he is re-involving himself in the game. The forums have been consulted for the first time in years, and the Sims Online world is in for a shake-up.

One of the first moves that EA are making is to created new cities for players to explore. They are also changing the logo, and have promised to close the loopholes that allow for the money cheats. Registration will be greatly simplified, and the free trial will become, soon, permanent free play. Of course there will be limitations: only one choice of city for non-payers; only one avatar; less starting money. Nonetheless, this is a real show of commitment by EA, and will no doubt draw in many new players. New players, paying or not, will breathe life back into the game, and that’s got to be a good thing for EA, whose image was looking a bit tarnished by its failure.

So why now? Well, the Sims 3 is due to be released in (possibly) 2008, which might have something to do with it. Nobody wants a dead goose on display when they’re trying to build hype for their new product, and it’s going to take a while for the Sims Online to get back on track. This is a very promising (re-) start, though, and a very exciting time to get into the world of the Sims Online. New features such as AvatarBook, which works much like Facebook, will help to provoke interest, and could pull in a very large audience indeed. Few people who have played the Sims games haven’t wondered what it would be like to play with other people, but most have been put off by bad reviews or friends’ advice. Now that’s all set to change, and the community can only get stronger and stronger. The question, then, is not why EA are making these changes now, but why they didn’t make them before. Now we can only play and wait, and hope this time EA gets it right.