Educational Games to Make Learning Fun

This is by far, the most popular and basic category of toys for young children. Small blocks made of soft material are ideal for an infant. They love to look at it, more so, if they are brightly colored. They like to hold and squeeze the blocks and this activity enhances the grip and strengthens the hand muscles. The advantages of building blocks as playthings are as follows:

Imaginative skills are sharpened:

For a preschooler, blocks provide ample opportunities to build towers, animals and houses, using imaginative skills.

Team spirit:

Building blocks played in a group are more enjoyable and the best means to teach the little one to share and co-operate with others. This also inculcates team spirit in children at a very young age.

Physical strength:

Carrying the wooden blocks and placing them in the appropriate place enhances physical strength. The toddler will lift the blocks and eventually learn to balance them.

Sharpens the creative bend of mind:

Building blocks and tiles help in constructing pillars, houses and castles. This is indeed a creative activity which boosts the artistic and inventive traits of a child.

Educational puzzles:

Educational puzzles make problem solving a fun to do activity. The simple ones teach numerical and alphabetical concepts while the complex puzzles teach various other educational concepts which are hard to comprehend.

The type of puzzle depends on the age of the child. Easy to solve and colorful puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, complex structure building are ideal for infants, preschoolers and elementary school kids respectively. Brainteasers are a much loved leisure activity for people of diverse age groups.

Computer games – an educational toy:

In today’s computer age, you cannot afford to be left behind with non computerized games for your little one. Moderate exposures to an array of video games that add value to the learning process are mandatory. Games that help them learn the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes are ideal for a young child. Cartoon motion pictures or easy to score video games are apt for a preschooler. It provides an overview of the wide curriculum that is in store.

Children in the age group of 7-10 will find computer games that incorporate education concepts fascinating. It is an exemplary ‘learn as you play’ educational game. The very Indian Tata Sky is a good option for school going children in India, as they can avail the ‘Active Learning’ option and get smart. Fables and fairy tales are also featured in the gadget which makes learning fun.

Apart from the toys mentioned above; bead mazes, other building toys and art and music toys are fun to play with. Electronic toys with music option have an entertainment quotient attached. So get hold of the ideal toys for your little one, and let them learn as they play.